My favorite thing about art is the process. 

I'm a visual designer.

My background is Experience Design. Intuit, IKEA, Hotelera Posadas, Geox Shoes, Uno Pizzeria, Orbitz, and Lycos are just some of the brands I've worked with.

I believe in systems (most pleasant way to train your users, easiest way to get new releases out quick), and the Don't-Make-Me-Think model of design. Visually, I love anything that is polished to perfection, but also slightly off. Weird stuff is just more fun, easier to remember too.

Recently I got back in touch with my non-digital self.   I started doodling  and working with chalk murals. I yearned for school and changing my daily patterns.

I'm now enrolled in MassArt, working to complete the degree I never needed for a rewarding career, but a degree I want for my own personal development in art and design. The experience has been transformative! It's also about 200% more work than even the toughest job I've ever had. I will not tolerate anyone talking down the work-ethic of college students. My classmates aren't just naturally brilliant, they're also the hardest working team I've ever had the privilege of designing with.

A Summary of my Professional Life (in years)

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