Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Wisconsin

Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Wisconsin

About Lisa

Hello, and welcome to my design portfolio. My name is Lisa Florence Davidson, I'm a Boston-based designer, with a background in experience design, graphic design and brand. I'm also an  innovation catalyst.

I've designed everything from complicated software-platform interfaces at Intuit, to award-winning promotional experiences for IKEA.

My design approach is business-goal driven, infused with a dose of intuition (because experiences are designed for people, not machines).  Here's a short list of some of the industry methods I work statements, journey maps, user flows, user personas, analogous experiences, wire frames, pattern libraries, design systems, mood boards, story boards, style guides, brand guides, detailed spec sheets, Agile (Scrum), a variety of frameworks (working knowledge for collaboration with development teams).

My latest personal projects are centered around toys, and learning through tactile play. Play isn't just for kids—it's valuable for grownups too. Play engages our imagination and sensory experiences. It can also activate areas of our intellect that aren't centered around language—allowing us to think, and problem solve with a fresh perspective.