About Lisa


I'm a Boston-based graphic designer, with an interest in tactile learning and multi-sensory design experiences. I believe that our intellect requires movement, tactile experiences and play.

My latest projects are centered around toys, and learning through tactile play. Play isn't just for kids. Play engages our imagination and sensory experiences. 

My background is Experience Design. Intuit, IKEA, Hotelera Posadas, Geox Shoes, Uno Pizzeria, Orbitz, and Lycos are just some of the companies I've worked with.

I'm currently enrolled in MassArt, working to complete the degree I never needed for a rewarding career, but a degree I want for my own personal development in art and design. The experience has been transformative. The Graphic Design program is easily double the work than even the toughest job I've ever had. Yet, I'm twice as energized.  My classmates aren't just naturally brilliant, they're also the hardest working team I've ever had the privilege of designing with.

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